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<greeting>I am Bradly, and I want to be your Full Stack Developer.</greeting>
Google Apps Script
Digital Ocean
Ably Realtime
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Audition
With people using so many different devices to access their favorite websites, responsive website design is more important than ever. I have designed numerous responsive websites, including this site you're using now, this site and this site. I can design responsive websites from scratch and totally customize them to your liking.
During my time as a full stack developer at OCTB (a Boston-based language training provider), I created two platforms for the company's teachers and individual clients. Today, their teachers use the platform (now version 2.0) to deliver the company's language training services, while the learners use their platform to review their lessons, complete their homework and check their progress. On the front end, both are powered by HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript. On the back end, both use PHP. All the data is stored in a Google Cloud SQL database, and the servers are hosted on Digital Ocean's cloud infrastructure.
I am also well-versed in Google Apps Script (GAS). GAS can be used to integrate many of Google's services, such as Sheets, Documents, Gmail and others. While working for OCTB, we used Google's Sheets extensively before I created our platform, even as the primary vehicle to deliver our services. I created dozens of scripts/macros to lift data from the hundreds of Google Sheets we maintained. Prior to my scripts, someone from the company would have to open each sheet in order to conduct quality control and even to process invoices. My GAS scripts simplified this process enormously and significantly reduced human error in data collection and processing.
I am looking for a full time developer position preferably in the United States or Europe, but I am open to all offers, of course! I'd love to work in a company with the start-up vibe. I am interested in many industries – ecommerce, education, finance, media, and others. I work hard, collaborate well with others, and always strive to learn more and do a better job.
I'd love to talk with you about what your organization needs. If you are interested, please get in touch with me!